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Corundum castable

Corundum castable has the advantages of high strength, strong abrasion resistance and erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance, and good airtightness.

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Wear resistant and fire-resistant plastic

The wear-resistant and fire-resistant plastic is a mud shaped or clay lump shaped unshaped refractory made of high alumina clinker, corundum, mullite and silicon carbide as aggregates, different binders and additives, and constructed by tamping, vibration or extrusion.

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Light insulating castable

The product is made of light aggregate, high-quality refractory raw materials, additives and other main raw materials.

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Medium frequency furnace ramming material

Acid dry ramming material: After the first furnace drying and sintering α- Phosphorus quartz has high conversion rate, short drying time, excellent volume stability, thermal shock stability and high temperature strength.

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Company introduction About us

Zhengzhou Dongfang furnace lining material Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise of refractory and thermal insulation materials, which is under the management of Henan Dongfang Group. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, test, development, production, sales and construction: we have one production line of finalized and amorphous refractory and wear-resistant products and one production line of thermal insulation products, Enough to meet the processing capacity of 80000 tons of products per year; It has a furnace building construction team of grade III General Contracting for metallurgical engineering construction.

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Oct 08.2023


Let the outer wall temperature of the thermal equipment we serve be 5 ℃ lower than the designed temperature, and take energy conservation and consumption reduction as our cause!

Oct 08.2023


The items to assure years of trouble-free service has attracted a great deal customers. The solutions are obtainable in improved designs and richer assortment, they're created scientifically of purely raw supplies.

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